Aquarius is a venture firm. We focus on enabling ambitious entrepreneurs to make the largest impact on the world with our global KOL and community networks.

We are steadfast in our beliefs and fully committed, ready to fuel groundbreaking innovations alongside founders.

Our model is structured into three distinct phases:

Phase 1: Inspiring Excellence

We galvanize top-tier entrepreneurs who share groundbreaking ideas, exceptional vision, elite execution skills, and an unwavering determination to reach their objectives.

Phase 2: Discovering the Singularity

Our interdisciplinary team, consisting of research analysts, hackathon technicians, community operations experts, and founders, collaborates to identify the unique convergence point of technology, products, and operations.

Phase 3: Accelerating Hypergrowth

Leveraging our global network of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), we expedite the transformation of outstanding ideas into tangible community influence. This is particularly effective in the APEC and Africa regions, including the Chinese-speaking territories, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Nigeria, and Kenya.




Perking university, KU LEUVEN University, MBA.

15 years of investment experience in leading funds in the industry , with multiple IPOs from well-known technology companies.

Started crypto investment in Bay Area in 2018.